Weave Styles

Weave Styles

There are literally HUNDREDS of ways to weave a bunch of rings together – creating different weave styles. Because of that, there are styles that will suit every taste. This is only a small sampling of some of them.

Byzantine is one of the most popular of all chainmaille weaves. It is a beautiful weave, whether in one color, two colors, three, or even a rainbow of colors.  The name comes from the Ancient Roman Empire

Moorish Rose is one of the most complex chainmaille weaves, but one of the most striking.  Reminiscent of the petals of a rose, it also shows triangular patterns. Variations are available including a narrow or wide width.


Elf weave has V-shaped, or chevron patterns within the weave. Attractive in one color, or even more striking in two or more colors.

Vipera Berus was originally named after the unique pattern found on a snake’s scales, but don’t let that scare you! In one color, two, or several it makes a distinct pattern.

Jens Pind Linkage (or JPL) is a classic weave, with a spiraling pattern.  It makes a beautiful chain, in one color, or with an ombre effect from color to color.  Available in many colors, this is one of the most popular weaves for everyone – from a little girl’s delicate pink bracelet, to a woman’s classy silver necklace, or to a gentleman’s 16 gage stainless steel or copper bracelet.  

Barrel is a distinctive weave that wonderfully shows off the colors of the rings.  Available in one, two, or more colors.  

Sweet Pea looks a little bit like a beaded bracelet.  Depending on the colors, this can be a fun, playful chain or a chic, classy chain.  The choice is up to you.

Full Persian is a weave with a round profile.  This weave looks great in one color or two.  

Arkham is a more open weave, showing the complexity of the weave and the spaces between the rings. 

Half Persian 4-in-1 is one of the most flat weaves. Because it lays so flat against the skin, it is an easy weave to wear.  This weave looks great in one color, two colors, or a rainbow of colors.

Flat Persian is an intricate weave with an oval profile.  Because of its unique weave, it appears to be different on opposite sides, when created with two or more colors.


GSG is a flat weave with a diagonal shaped pattern.  With different color selections, it can look like stripes, or two separate chains woven together.  This style is also beautiful when created with a larger width.

Viperscale shares some similarities with Arkham weave, but is a wider variation.  Depending on the color variations, it can look a lot like the stripes on a snake (or a rainbow!)