Jewelry Care

Cleaning and Care

In general, treat your chainmaill well and you will have it for a lifetime.  

Anodized aluminum and stainless steel require little to no cleaning. You can clean them right on the human wearing them, or you can wash them gently with some dish soap and water.  

DO NOT clean your copper in vinegar or any other acid.  It will create micro pits in the surface of the material and will become even MORE tarnished – and it will never get that beautiful shine back.  Copper can react with some people’s skin, or to minerals in water, or just with air after being unworn for a while.  The best method to ensure your copper has that rose gold glow is to wear it.  If it needs a quick polish, give it a good scrub with some (dry) jeans.  You’re just trying to buff off the dark spots.  As long as your local water doesn’t make it tarnish, washing it with the human wearing it will be just fine.  (Hot tubs tend to make them go dark quickly – take it off, or polish it up after.)

TItanium, niobium, and gold-filled are best with a gentle wash with dish soap and water to remove any excess dirt or skin oil built up on them.  

Sterling silver is similar to all sterling silvers – a general silver cleaner, either a cloth or solution, will get the shine back.