About Me

About Unchained Heart Chainmaille

Every single piece of chainmaille I create is made by me, by hand, one tiny ring at a time.  I make chainmaille because it brings me joy, and I love to share my unique creations with other people. Each time I see someone wearing a piece that I’ve made, my heart does a little dance. 

My rings are proudly sourced in Canada from one of two Canadian companies that create rings for chainmaillers.  

About Me

My love of chainmaille started at about age fourteen with a single pair of mastercraft pliers, a roll of copper wire, a pair of wire cutters, and a book from a local library.  I made my own rings, winding copper wire around a knitting needle that I “borrowed” from my mom’s stash, and cut them one by one.  I loved being able to make such pretty patterns with just regular old wire.  

Then, life happened, and other interests and university took over, and chainmaille fell away.

Flash forward about fifteen years, and I’m at home with my new son who has complex heart issues.  I desperately needed something I could do to calm my heart and soul, and something that I could control, and feel like I’d achieved something every day – more than just keeping the two of us alive, fed, and clothed! And to my joy, in the recent years, there had become more than one Canadian company making rings, and in all the pretty colors!

I fell back in love with the gorgeous colors, the beautiful patterns, the mathematical complexity and simplicity, and started to create again.

Today, I’m an aerospace engineer, a toddler mom, a wife, and run two businesses online (Shameless plug -> check out monochromerebel.com!)